October, 2016


Interesting.  In the discussion of my tarot reading in a new site I found, it said I’ve made good choices and basically have moved away from people who do not serve my good.  It’s not about being self-centered.  It’s about loving myself as I would another and guiding myself as I would another.  I would advise anyone whom I cared about to get out of the situations I got out of.  These situations were with people who sought to control me or put me down.  If anyone were to treat one of my children that way, depending on the degree of harm, I either would forbid my child continued contact with the person or would discourage their trust of the person and try to give them some perspective on the perceived mistreatment.  So, why did I tolerate such misconduct?  Well, they all helped me learn, that’s for sure.  They all helped me grow, that’s for sure.  I learned what I was there to learn and moved on.  Now, just as it would be harmful to try to make an adult sleep in a crib, it would be harmful for me to continue on those paths.  I’ve outgrown them.  What was a cradle can become a torture chamber, an iron maiden, if you have outgrown it.  These people do not honor me and do not want me to succeed.  Yes, I have a right to nurture myself and serve myself.  In fact, that is the primary obligation of all of us.  And, to balance that with service to the world.  But, not to lose ourselves in the equation.

I loved that this reading tonight was reminding me that it reflected well upon my maturation and growth that I made choices to remove myself from relationships with people who would stunt me and use me, not yet able to see their own light, and the adequacy of their own light to fully nourish their soul.  Thank you universe.  And thank you, soul mates, for your mistreatment.  You illuminated the place on my path where I needed to draw a boundary.  Through this, I have redirected my course and advanced in self-understanding and self-mastery.


When I awoke, I remembered dreaming of white bubbles or circles with gold writing inside of them.  I could not make out the words.  But, I know there was divine guidance there.  I also was going down some stairs and a foreign woman was showing me how to cook.  I was beating raw egg inside the shell.  It was a big shell like an ostrich shell.   Also there was something about a roller coaster.  I looked up the ostrich egg image.  It was a very good sign.  Eggs are symbols of creativity and something new coming in.

Now it nears midnight and I have just had a realization:  find your child heart.  Do a thing because you love it, not because you seek a result from it.  Just because it is fun to feel it as you do it.  That is the point of experience I aim for.  Thank you God, for at last showing me.  I have waited a long time for this very basic point to take my consciousness in a new direction.  I see.  At last, I see.


To ascend, I must become a child again.  It’s been so long, I’d nearly forgotten how!  But, it came back.  How to feel the feeling came back.  Do what I do for fun and joy.   Gratitude is ever present; these are additions that kick it up a notch.  Fun.  Seek enjoyment not result.

What is really fascinating is how I got here:  there’s the long part of the trip, the all of everything on the other side part or the other dimensions all at work, but then there’s the little tiny story too.  I was reading Robert Monroe’s book, Ultimate Journey.  And he talked about the missing basic.  I didn’t get to the part where he says what the missing basic is.

So, I guess I was supposed to figure out what my own missing basic is.

I’ve been throwing the key card regularly in the Madame Lenormand deck.  Here it is.  This important little piece put into place.  To order everything.  To provide a new organizing principle to explain my universe and steer my ship.  I feel myself wanting to clutch this thought.  What is better is simply to be aware of how I see a thing.  Do I experience a feeling of joy in the interaction/experience?  If so, more.  If not, less.

I saw someone else’s light.  Tonight, I watched a video by a lady named Bonnie Pridgen who told her story about her mystical experience of entering the dimension of heaven.  While there, she was told to release attachment to stories.  To the story of and the story around events and experience.

Something about this story resonated with me.  I guess you just keep seeking until you get it.  I can’t say how many times I’ve been told or read that to grow spiritually I must live in my child heart.  But, I never felt it until today, despite years of hearing the lesson.

So this must be what the white bubbles with the golden words and the ostrich egg were omens of.  Here it is.  I see that it has happened.  Wow!  Holy smokes, Batman!

Just as Bonnie had a mystical experience in which she entered heaven, I, too, entered heaven for a while in 2011.  It lasted about 2 weeks.  I could see, feel and detect heaven everywhere and at all times.  It suffused my entire experience.  I couldn’t sleep much (just a couple hours a day) nor eat much, and I constantly heard the web of consciousness.  I heard music and voices (which I do often hear anyway, being quite clairaudient, but this was constant, rather than my norm, which is occasional clairaudience).

Tonight’s understandings poured into me as I was reaching out to help another songwriter.  Earlier this year, I saw a very talented songwriter and performer at an open mic and went home bought his music.  I haven’t seen him since, but often listen to the five songs he has out.  Through a songwriter’s organization, I became aware of a songwriting contest, and I thought of him.  While all of his songs are quite wonderful, there is one that sounds perfect in my humble opinion.  It is as though he trapped heavenly ether and turned it into a song.  And, what’s weird is it’s a genre I don’t really ever listen to, except for his stuff.  I don’t know what you would call the genre, but it’s the one that Michael Jackson’s music would fit in.  As I typed an email to this songwriter to encourage him to enter the contest, this understanding poured into me.

So, I thought:  what would I love doing right now that would make me feel great?  Singing along to songs that move my soul.  So, I played this perfect song of Elliot Johnson’s called Wild Side.  And, I sang along (it helps me to develop my higher range too since Elliot is able to sing fluidly way up there).  And, I also found the You Tube video of Everclear’s Santa Monica and sang along with that three times in a row.  That song totally moves my soul.  It fills me with this feeling that I do not have words to describe, but it fills my eyes with tears.  I also sang along with Culture Club’s Miss Me Blind and Time (Clock of the Heart).  And, was delighted to find fresh video of Culture Club performing this year on their current tour.  I like the way they’ve changed.  Great again in a brand new way.

I think if I keep turning my eyes to heaven as my guide, then I’ll know what to do.  That’s why I keep getting the Lovers card.  That’s what’s happening in that card. The woman, female, yin, receptive, looks heavenward and focuses there.  The yang, active, male looks at her.  She receives heavenly guidance and he acts thusly, taking his inspiration from where he places his focus—on her.  Thus, heaven manifests on earth.  Through the balance of receptive and active, male, female, inspiration, action, yin, yang.

That’s why I’ve constantly been throwing the 2 of swords and the Temperance cards lately too.  So, it comes down to the joy of a child who plays.  Now there is perfect balance according to heaven!

It made a big difference in my attitude toward my guitar playing and song writing tonight.  Do it if you love it, don’t if you don’t.  That way you are a bringer of love energy in massive quantities to the planet.  You can become a veritable fountain of love if you focus your attention there and let it guide your actions and live it as your choice of this moment.  Just that one choice is all you ever need:  love, joy in this very moment I am in right now.

You know another thing that I think helped?  Shooting with the medieval long bow and the arrows.  It requires a particular absence of thought and singularity of focus.  I think it changes my brain waves.  Something about that allows other types of understanding to filter through I think.  Changing your brain.  This is what Joe Dispenza is talking about I think.  I think this will happen if I hike.  Which must be why Lori Wheeler suggested it.  To get the change in the brain wave patterns.  Wow.  Funny all this.

Bonnie said she could see people’s hearts.  Maybe I do too.  I think I do, at least sometimes.  It reminds me of words from that red Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer that I read for so many years:   Almighty God, to you, all hearts are open, all desires known, and from you, no secrets are hid.  I think this happens when you look with love.  You can ditch the feeling that your authenticity is going to get you in trouble, which is what the church raised us on to get us to behave and to control us and to get us to conform.  When love is the lens, you don’t need to hide; you’re never in crosshairs, it’s all rosy.

I’ve also been listening to my Morning Songbirds of Roberts Mountain CD from the Monroe Institute with the Spatial Angle Modulation technology.  It must be doing something (scrambling my ostrich egg brain as I sleep).


I hope all these bumper stickers and billboards I put in this blog don’t sound bossy.  They’re just reminders, if you want them.

Ames fixed another problem with a song tonight.  Vocals on one I’m trying to get finished recording were not at all satisfactory.  They just weren’t there at all in the feeling part of the expression.  She spent the evening working on it with me and ultimately recommended changing the key.  Made all the difference.  Thank God for simple fixes and the clarity to recognize them.  Very grateful for her partnership in creating music.


I have been listening to books about habit.  I am realizing that since ascension requires awareness, developing habits that increase awareness will allow for swifter ascension.




How to establish an awareness habit?

First, set your intent.  Set your intent to achieve a state of awareness.  Included in the following ascension methods are awareness techniques, along with other methods to increase your vibrational state.  As you increase your vibrational state, awareness comes more readily.

The method numbers that follow have only to do with the order in which they come into my head as I type; there is no need to be chronological in trying them and no one is better than another.  Try anything that brings you into a feeling state of joy, happiness, love, any of the good ones.  If the not good feelings are in you, love yourself exactly as you feel.  Give yourself peace, love and understanding.  Wish yourself healing and happiness.  Recognizing that you don’t feel well in body, mind, and/or spirit, is the first step on the path to healing, so congratulate yourself on seeing yourself as you are.  That requires skill in observation and discernment that shows blossoming in one’s soul.


Ascension Method 1.   Daily Awareness

Establish a daily cue for asking yourself a series of questions.  This cue should be something you do every day at a time when you have a moment of peace to be able to think.  For example, when you’re done brushing your teeth just before bed; or right after you’ve turned off the t.v. for the night; or when you’ve walked in the door from work.  Repeating a chosen behavior twenty-one days in a row turns it into a habit that becomes part of your norm.  Awareness as your norm is a critical, an absolutely essential, step in ascension.  So, once you’ve chosen a daily cue or daily trigger, then at that cue/trigger event each day, ask yourself the following:

  1. What am I thinking?
  2. Do I feel happy thinking this thought?
  3. Yes?
  4. Thank you, universe.


  1. No?
  2. What makes me feel happy? What brings me joy?  What is something I can think about right now that brings me joy?  In this moment, what can I think, say or do that makes me feel good and that moves me in the direction of that which brings me joy?

I believe this process steers your ship to ascension.  Doing it every day will get you there that much faster.

Ascension Method 2.  Hypnotherapy

Go get hypnotherapy that provides you the suggestion of cues to bring you to a state of awareness.  Ultimately, you want it to become your new flow, constantly checked in to your thought, word, deed, environment; the feeling of all of it matters.  It makes the soup that feeds your soul.

Listen to the hypnotherapy recording, with its suggested cues, for a minimum of 21 days in a row, but more is probably better.  I listen to my hypnotherapy recordings at bedtime as I’m falling asleep.  They are aimed at your subconscious, which hears and processes just as well when your body is asleep as when it is awake.  Your subconscious represents 90% of the true functioning of your mind that is responsible for your tastes and choices.  The subconscious is the true master of your conduct.


Ascension Method 3.  Deeksha

Give Golden Orb deeksha or some other similar action.

Golden Orb deeksha accelerated my ascension.  I guess because what one does as part of the process is to visualize absorbing divine light and then sending it to the heart chakras of others.  It is especially elevating to send this deeksha to those who challenge you most and whose thoughts, words and deeds tempt you most to judgment, fear, hate, or other feelings or thoughts of that nature.  Plainly put, it brings you into a higher state of consciousness to send this golden divine light to people you want to hate, judge, gossip about, tarnish, hurt, vanquish, etc.  It heals you to heal them.  Because to send this divine energy to them, you must take it into yourself first.  So the more there are to whom you give it, the more you drink in this light.  I also find that other colors of light seem to materialize for different people.  See the End Note for the types of energy and healing associated with different colors of light.  I just go with whatever springs into my consciousness for that person and send them that particular color of light along with the golden light.  For example, for those who are sick, I naturally have the urge to send the golden deeksha light plus pink light for unconditional love and green light for healing.

As in all things, balance and flexibility are desirable.  I go with my feelings but I have set the boundary of not going more than a week without sending golden orb deeksha.  But neither do I force myself to do it every day or according to a prescribed schedule.  Sometimes, I’ll send instant ones if a situation calls for it, but normally, I make it part of my bedtime ritual, after I brush my teeth and take my supplements, just before I’m turning in for the night.  It’s a peaceful time of night, and I like doing a triple activation first, in a meditation in a dim room.

I perform a mudra (all that means is that I hold my hands in a certain position, which is a physical manifestation of my intent to activate a particular energy center), and breath in and breath out in a deliberate way, noticing my breaths, for 7 repetitions.  Then I activate my chakras bottom to top with matching mudras.  Then, I perform my reiki I activations.  But I also do another round of chakra activation from the God chakra, down through the 5 astral chakras and then top to bottom on the 7 major chakras and send grounding cords of energy to the core of the earth.  Then I take in the golden orb light and begin my transmission to those I picture in my mind.  I send lots to everyone I can think of, especially those with whom my experience has been negative.

Closer soul mates often are the ones who bring the negative experiences.  Those experiences help us to grow quicker if we allow them to, when we recognize the pain in them and learn how not to choose that type of experience again.  This brings me back to awareness.

Awareness is the lens that allows us to see past the surface of the persons and circumstances and things in our life, to see what draws us out of happiness and peace.  Awareness allows us to step along the path to find the peace and happiness (or whatever else it may be) that we seek.  What am I getting from my life’s experience in this moment?  Is it what I want?  How do I feel?  Am I happy?  (Back up to Ascension Method 1.)

Beginning with once a day and working up to constant flow of being, ask yourself:  how do I feel?  Do I like this?  Do I feel good?  Etc.  Method 1.

How to make sure you do this as often as possible to work up to constant flow?  Start with one time:  right now.  This very moment.  Do it now.

Next, set your intent to do it one time a day.  Pick your time, give yourself a cue, and then start the daily practice.  It will grow.

For example, before you get out of bed.  Ask what am I thinking.  Or, when you brush your teeth.  Or when you drink your coffee.  Think of an action you take every day and ask yourself “what am I thinking” whenever you take that action.  Post yourself reminder notes.  Do not get lost in your thought.  Move directly to the next question:  Do I like this thought?  Does this thought bring me a happy feeling?  Yes?  Think more of it.  No?  Ask yourself:  what makes me happy.  This should not be something that is a fix to that which brings you unhappiness.  This manner of thinking keeps your energy focused on unhappiness as your guide.

Choose to think about something that in and of itself bring happiness.  For example, I like songwriting.  So, thinking about a new song I’m writing fascinates me and I love remembering the melody.  I bring myself into the happy state of song.  Choosing to think about a song I am writing is a good energy place to be in my vibration.  So, is gratitude.  See Method 4 below.


Ascension Method 4.  A Gratitude Habit

I don’t actually have to ask myself what I’m thinking when I get out of bed every day, because I have two habits.  These are good habits, so I am fine doing these two things every day of my life.  I write down my dreams and I think of at least three or so things or people or circumstances I am grateful for.  I acknowledge these things, peoples or circumstances.  Then I get out of bed.

I start my day with documenting the messages I am receiving from my subconscious (my dreams), and I start my day in a state of gratitude.  I try to recognize what there is to be grateful for as I am experiencing it throughout the day (you can find gratitude in every moment if you chose to look for it in the moment you are in).


Ascension Method 5.  Send Love

When people share talk with you of pain, fear, anger, injustice, anything of that nature, it helps to remember that every particle and every invisible thing is all the one.  The one chose that experience for you, because you chose that for you.  You are responsible for every particle and every invisible thing and experience in your world.  You are the maker.  Nothing happens without your consent.  What do you seek to learn from the moment you are in?  Whatever component that is present bringing you to pain, anger, etc., came because you bade it to.  Love and cherish all that have willingly served your lessons to you.  Choose that which brings you good feeling and send everything love.  Show yourself love by choosing what brings you good feeling and feeling good.

All of these suggested methods move you into a stream.  This stream flows into a river of consciousness that is peaceful and extremely fascinating.  The strange things you begin to be able to sense when your consciousness elevates to higher dimensional awareness keep life extremely interesting.  Peacefulness and the awareness it brings you are for the brave.  Hearing higher dimensional sound, seeing other dimensional beings, feeling sensation where there is no visible hand to touch you, experiences such as these are for bold adventurers.


Ascension Method 6.  Pray (or otherwise converse with the divine)

I don’t pray much anymore.  But, for most of my life I did pray every day.  It felt funny and empty if I didn’t pray.  But, when I awakened, I didn’t feel the need to pray anymore because I feel aware of the divine a lot of the time.  I am at a point in which I know and feel the presence of the divine most of the time.  I talk with the divine often.  I regularly communicate with my higher self, spirit guide, Jesus, crossed over souls, the souls of other people having an incarnation right now, the parts of my soul existing in other dimensions, including those parts mistakenly referred to as past lives (they never died—they live forever on other planes).  I spend much time in my conscious thought in connectivity and communication with higher dimensional parts of ourselves.  So, I find myself conversing with the divine more so than praying.  But, I do ask (and sometimes fervently beg, depending on the circumstances) for help from the other side when needed.


Ascension Method 7.  Crystals

Sleep with them.  Put them in strategic places in your house and yard.  Use them in intention rituals.  Google “metaphysical properties of crystals.”  You will encounter essentially infinite information on them.  Work with the ones that speak to you.


Ascension Method 8.  Moon Water

Place crystals with the metaphysical properties you seek in a dish.  Fill a jar with water and seal it.  Sit this jar of water in the dish of crystals.  Set the dish in a place in which it can receive the light of the full moon to charge the water.  The next morning place the water jar in the refrigerator.  On the next new or full moon, whichever feels right to you, focus upon what you would manifest or heal or whatever it is you wish to be a point of focus.  Focus and drink.



  1. Colors of light and their function

Good site:  http://www.expressionsofspirit.com/yoga/chakras.htm

  1. Crystals and their properties

Good site:  http://balance.chakrahealingsounds.com/chakra-colors-stones/



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