November, 2016



Meditation is good for me.  It releases me to a new perspective that allows me to see myself more objectively.  It helps me get out of the story and stand outside of it and say:  okay, that’s the story.   What am I doing in it?  Why?  Is there something I should seek?  What does my soul tell me?  It speaks in my dreams and feelings, so I pay especial attention to my dreams and feelings and then lose myself in my stories and come up for air and see my stories.  That’s where I am in this moment.  Seeing my stories, or trying to.  Trying to identify old worn out focuses of attention that leave me trapped in negativity, stepping outside of those stories, telling them goodbye and focusing anew on what I want, not what I’ve already had.  Except for the part of what I’ve had that I want to carry forward with me:  the loving friends and family who are my travel companions on further adventure.

I try to see the elements of the moment as the moment is happening, but as it happens it slips away just as fast and is gone in the stream, an ever running thread of thought, manifestation of event, wanting and getting.  I find myself in wanting and getting mode.  Hmmm.

Well, I’m going to say that’s okay.  The thing is:  human consciousness is necessary to make it happen in material reality.  We came here because we sought material reality, this very solid form of matter, necessarily slow of vibration, because of the nature of electromagnetism.  That which we are.   Wave and particle.  Each at our own resonance; each of us a unique music.

Yes, it feels very, very good to write.  Marie says how good she feels when she journals.  When she can just take that swirl of feeling, a nameless electricity rummaging in the peace of her core, and transmit it to a material form.  It’s the transmission of the electrical to the physical.  She’s an adapter.  From spirit to material and from material to spirit.  Also, a capacitor, stepping frequencies up or down, depending on which way the information is coming or going.  Apparently, the rest of creation, which is mostly nonmaterial, of extremely high vibration, a quick frequency, is fascinated by what they receive from our antics here on the big blue and green ball of brightness.  We’re actually collectively creating a brand new earth at a higher resonance.  By ascending one at a time, we build steam until we reach the 100th monkey.

In my earth, the little world I make for myself every day, I play music every day.  I sing every day.  (And I’m letting myself experience joy of feeling when I sing and play).  Oh, it feels so good.  I am very happy that this gift is one of the ones I chose and continue to choose.

Someone today said something perfectly.  Aaron Anastasi from  I am having so much fun doing his exercises every day.  They’re fun.  Some of them are downright silly, but what’s cool is I can hit notes silly that I can’t hit straight.  Funny thing.

Anyway, Aaron A said some may wonder why all the silly exercises.  He said, the vocal cords are muscles, and like any muscle, need to be exercised to be strong and flexible.  The exercises are designed to build habit of muscle movement, muscle memory, that provides automatic techniques that optimize the instrument of the voice.  It is an instrument; one’s very own body.

It is a transmitter of heaven to earth and back again.  Heaven delights in our creations.

I am so very grateful to have this understanding.  Thank you, universe.

Thank you universe

Another important thing to do for manifesting:  trust the synchronous messages you receive and follow through with the guidance you receive.  It doesn’t matter whether you can identify a benefit in it or not.  As long as it is prudent (let your human consciousness guide you in prudent choices, but absolutely find a way to make the guidance manifest using good sense of the world), follow through on the synchronous messages.  They operate upon your vibration.  The messages from heaven come through synchronous message, dimension shift (suddenly feeling as though you are not on earth, weird things, lights and objects in digital images that are not visible to the naked eye, etc.), these (and other things) are your evidence of the earth shift.  It’s happening.

Very cool thing to be alive right now.  A true privilege to be part of the awakening, the flowering.  I am so grateful.  Thank you, everything, all that is.

Look to your dreams, feelings, and daydreams.  See your every thought.  It is manifest.  Do you want that?  If not, focus on that which you would manifest.  The ecologists call that your search image.  That which you seek.  The hawk seeks the darting hare and knows how to see it.

How do you feel?  Good?  What are you thinking about?

How nice whatever that is.

Do you feel bad?  What are you thinking about?  What do you like to think about when you feel good?  What makes you feel good?  Think a thought about that instead.  As long as it feels good, just keep taking steps along that path.  If your physical environment brings you stress or unhappiness, focus your thoughts upon what would bring you peace and happiness and take a step every day of your life to get there.  The universe will aid you.  The way you call in its support is through your thought and feeling.  Think of what you want and let yourself feel good taking steps to get there.

So, in the ecology of the spirit, your search image is what feeds you.  It’s what you hunt and take into yourself.  Your thoughts feed you, they are the food of your existence.  The stuff that makes all of your reality.  That’s pretty big.  Paying attention to them and whether or not they serve you is a sure path to ascension.  Stepping into a state of objectivity that asks, is this good for me?  What is it you visualize to yourself?  What do you say to yourself all day?  What is your conversation with you?  Is it uplifting?  Is it a believer in you?  Notice your thoughts.  In your thoughts, be the best possible mom or dad to yourself you can be.  Set limits that ensure the material world of which you are a part is a place that feels good to you and is safe (or if you’d rather feel unsafe, help yourself, but that feeling doesn’t feel as good as safe, so if there’s any way you can possibly visualize a safe world for yourself, please do).

It is accepted and meant that feelings should guide our thoughts.  Heaven made us this way.  With feelings as our internal compass for the exercise of our free will through the choices we make.  We are born to feel good.  Somewhere along the way a great deal of confusion set in on this point.  There has been much experience here on earth that wasn’t within the experience of the nonmaterial.  What I mean by this is the spirit realm is of high vibration; it feels good there.  The deep, dark suffering we have created in the material, physical realm was previously unexperienced.  We’ve taught the universe pain and shown it many, many forms of distress.  But, we’ve also done the stuff everybody loves:  love, made love, art, music, dance, theatre (theatre about this theatre), smelled a flower, watched a cloud, poured fresh coffee, the list goes on.

So, the universe has clarified one basic point:  if you want to ascend, it is very important that you internalize this thought and practice it religiously.  It really is okay to just ditch negativity.  Just walk away from it.  You don’t have to fix whatever it is you’re feeling negative about.  Trying to fix it perpetuates it and keeps your focus there on the negative thing:  you have mired yourself in a quicksand prison.  Think about what you want, not what you don’t want.

Choose something to think, do or say that feels good.  Do not allow yourself any other choice.  In whatever context you are in, even if all are not in agreement, love and respect of all parties involved, including yourself, will guide you naturally to the highest vibrational choice.  In the world of spirit, that all is love is understood and all that is known.  It is so natural to the fabric of being as to go unnoticed.  It is the operating principle.

I try.  Consistently.  When I fail, I know I won’t fail that same way again (most of the time), and I keep going.  It’s the going part that’s fun.  Sometimes the getting part is fun, but I just really like to keep moving and doing.  I wonder if that’s what is meant by the Way?  Sometimes moving and doing lead directly to stillness, but that too is a choice.  Inaction is an action.  It requires discipline, focus and conscious choice to achieve.

So, to finish an earlier thought, here is my most recent example of synchronous message.  At the library, I saw two audiobooks on the subject of habit.  I got and listened to them both.  Then I felt moved to act on the emails I have received from superiorsingingmethod.  Then I bought the program and started doing the lessons and got to the one today in which Aaron A discusses the development of good vocal habits.  Well, well.  That is a synchronous message.  This helps me to know that establishing a daily discipline of doing Aaron’s exercises (1 rest day per week) is exactly what I should do and am doing.  Thank you for the guidance universe.

This is like being an Indian scout.  Reading the signs, finding the way in the wilderness, stepping into the unknown of each new moment with curiosity and excitement.

So, what Aaron A had to say about the vocal exercises reveals an important parallel.  The same is true for the Ascension exercises I share herein.  You may not necessarily see a connection between them and having what you want out of life.  But the higher the vibration, the easier the manifestation.  Anything that helps elevate your vibration helps you achieve your wishes.  No connection there is evident.  Yet, this is how it is.  Same with Aaron’s lessons.  The connection between humming a 5 tone scale on a regular basis and singing a two hour set with ease is not apparent but is nonetheless real and the way.  I love that I understand this.

I realize that what I have to say is of value.  I am sharing it.  It’s here as a destination along the way for the universe to guide whoever needs it to.


Yesterday while grocery shopping I had the feeling of a loving presence with me.  It was that feeling Lily described that she had at Christmas one year when her daughter was angry with her and she had to spend Christmas alone.   She said she felt an overwhelming feeling of being loved.

It’s so weird.  I felt as though I had real company with me, and it made me feel playful and sociable and happy.  It’s just that I was socializing with someone invisible.


Well, I find if I just focus my mind, it’s there.  I can feel the presence of a being who is always with me and who loves me the way I want to be loved:  unconditionally.  It’s the kind of love that would mean so much to me to have from an incarnate partner.  It’ll come when the time is right.


Anita Moorjani, in her book, Dying to Be Me, shared an analogy that I have probably referenced before in this blog, because I reference it all the time.  It’s very helpful.  She said when she died and crossed over she became aware of the incomprehensible wonder of the all that is.  She likened it unto being in a giant warehouse full of every possible imaginable wonderful thing, but this warehouse is dark, and all you have to see with is a slender beam of light coming from one small flashlight.  So, it is impossible in human form, to see or take in all that is.  In spirit, on the other hand, it is the normal state of being.

With no need of discipline, because my natural desire is so vast, I have sought out the state of spirit.  Once I awakened, I couldn’t stop.  It is the framing and the foundation and the wallpaper and the art on the mantle in the house that is me.  I understand the salmon.  It does not question its strange and wonderful and challenging journey home.  It must go and it does.

Last night I went to a crystal shop to see a British witch named Griffin Ced.  Beforehand, I was telling one of the staff that I had had a dream about a smoky quartz geode and a flat slab of angelite, and I wanted to buy these to sleep with under my pillow.  And, the name of another crystal had crossed my path but I had forgotten it.  She asked, “Was it celestite?”

It was in fact celestite.  I was amazed that she knew this.  I looked at her in astonishment and asked how she knew.  She said that kind of thing happens when you work with crystals.


So, the British witch, Griffin Ced, led a group of 15 of us on a vision quest, a journey to meet Hecate, a goddess associated with crossroads.  The evening’s gathering was meant to support upcoming transitions for those in attendance.  He advised us to focus our thought upon what we sought aid with in transitioning.  To invoke spiritual guidance for this journey, he called in the directions and spirits, led us in a chant in which we called Hecate through a song, and then he beat the shaman’s rhythm on a drum, while his assistant chimed the singing bowl.

Through spoken word, he guided us to the crossroads, where, as he had told us we would, we met Cerberus, the three-headed dog who associates with Hecate.  He guards the three ways before you at the crossroads.  You may not pass until you are in a state of truth.

Quite interesting this.  Because of where I am positioned in my career, I naturally thought that I wished to focus upon career transition.  But as I came upon Cerberus, whom I did not see but whom I knew was present, my being became filled with this thought:  true love.  Something I believed I had given up on.  But, there it was, my truth stepping forward to present itself.

As truth came to meet me, to surprise me really, I easily passed the crossroads and was allowed entrance to the cave where Hecate awaited.  She had three faces.  The face I saw was Medusa.  Stone, still, eyes wide open.  The only movement came from the undulating heads of the many tiny brown snakes that made her hair.  Again, quite interesting.  I recently used the face of Medusa as the thumbnail image for the song, Hideous Thing.

The face on the left was the face of a 1950’s beauty, a la Elizabeth Taylor.  Her hair was lit sparklers.  The face on the right was the same face but her hair was ever changing, first trailing flowers, then flowing water, then streaming stars, cycling again and again.

I became a raven.  I flew straight up.  I moved back and forth, from raven to shadow, shadow to raven.  I traveled northwest.  I felt called.

I dipped into Mount Rainier and flew just above the hot, molten lava inside its peak.  I journeyed into the darkness of the black places in the cosmos.

I saw a small dark object jumping and popping on the ground in a place I did not know.  It wound up inside a smoky quartz geode.  In my raven form, I took it into my beak and swallowed it whole.  I heard song, a new song that must want finishing.  It has come to me before.  It first came in a hypnotherapy session.  It is called Shadowland.

When we were called back to the cave, I saw my body standing before the goddess Hecate.  In my raven form, I plucked out my left eye and ate it.

After the journey, the witch Griffin Ced helped us to understand our vision.  As with many of the shamanic journeys and dreams I have experienced, I enjoyed the journey:  it fascinated me–but I did not understand the significance of its components.  During the journey, Griffin felt prompted to call in the Medusa form of Hecate, and Athena.  He asked me if I had seen Medusa before he called her in.  In fact, I had.  I saw her immediately upon entering the cave.  He said that daughters of Hecate see her first as Medusa.  One other woman in the room also had that experience.

As to the plucking out and consumption of my left eye by my raven self, Griffin Ced said that Hecate was telling me that I had been given sight.  Sight between worlds.  I have wished for this.  Now I see that I have had it.  Those thoughts running in my mind and visions in my dreams.  This is what that is.  It is sight.  Not fantasy.  It tells me of real reality.  The invisible one.  Not the illusion of the material form that we have co-created for this vast collective undertaking of mastering godhood in the material world.

It fundamentally changed my feeling and perspective about both waking and sleeping dreams.  I better understand Anita Moorjani’s patience and trust in those five years after her near death experience in which she knew she had been called and in which she quietly prepared for the time of stepping before the eye of consciousness at large.


At the vision quest, I sat next to a beautiful soul with a great deal of what feels like golden angel energy.  She has an energy that feels very much like that of my youngest daughter, Sibyl.  She saw the wings of the goddess Hathor and shared that she was tuned into vulture energy, which she discovered that night was associated with Hathor, along with the scarab.  I also saw a flash of blue light in the room, which Griffin Ced told us was Hathor’s signature color.

A message emerged through a synchronicity that I had ignored.  Earlier in the day, I had been researching the significance of seals.  I had dreamt of three seals emerging from the ocean onto the shore and climbing a hill.  My computer mouse wasn’t working properly and kept clicking on other links on the page, specifically, the link to scarab.  Repeatedly.

Being who I am, and knowing what I know, you would think it would have occurred to me that the universe was guiding me to contemplate scarab energy.  Yet, focused upon my goal of documenting the meaning of the three seals in my dream journal, I didn’t read one word of the scarab information.  When I heard Griffin Ced say the word scarab later that night, I knew I had to revisit that decision.


And now, for a gear change.

This morning I received a message for the Democratic Party:  change is inevitable.  There is no need to make a platform about making change happen.  It happens whether you like it or not.  It would be more accurate to make the platform about guiding change.  Look upon the landscape of our society and ask, where does the most significant and population wide change seem to be showing itself?  What can be done to facilitate the change that benefits humanity and the earth and the other species upon the earth?  What can be done to redirect the change that appears hurtful to humanity, the earth and the other species upon the earth?

And, for something totally radical, build a platform upon these reflections and focus every bit of your campaign and subsequent efforts in office on these two paths:  facilitating change which helps, redirecting that which harms.  Categorically refuse to speak one negative word about anyone.  When attacked, remove yourself from the path of the arrow if you can and bless your aggressor.  Thank your aggressor for the challenge brought to you.  It means you have the strength to face it and the insight to figure out a better way.  It would not be sent if you were not strong enough and ready for it.

If the arrow strikes you, know that your wound will heal, either by reknitting that part of you torn by it or by death.  Both paths heal.  Wounds and their pain bring us lessons we have sought.  Thank your teacher, thank your aggressor.  In so doing, light will shine upon a path you have not noticed before and when you walk there you will feel refreshed and renewed.  Upon this path bliss dwells.

It is time for the new way now.













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