June, 2017



I am to bring back the names of forgotten gods and goddesses.  Hecate, Medusa (one face of Hecate), Maat, Sobek.  Not sure exactly why.  I was told that in a reading and once that was stated so plainly, I could look back and see its truth.  A shamanic journey took me to Hecate at the crossroads and I was permitted to cross because I stood in my truth.  And yesterday, today, the day before:  a pouring out of spirit medicine.

I do not know where to begin.  These few days have been so full I truly just don’t know where to start.  I see that I am in an energy of fast transformation and I believe these are relatively extreme degrees of change, but with my eyes on my target, the changes flow past me as I keep moving forward.  I simply focus on each step and move as I will move.  A step at a time makes every journey.  There’s simply no other way.  What may and does differ drastically is the content of those steps, which we make with our thought.

I have discovered a way of hearing and seeing different than was ever taught me in school or church.  Symbol, sign, knowing.  Knowing what part of my thought is this earthly me, and what part is God (god:  really confused about whether to capitalize this word any more, not sure).

I have gotten 88 a lot and multiple 1’s.  And there’s a little box that keeps flashing on my screen.  Is it telling me the universe is taking snapshots and building pictures of life from those?  I’ve heard that happens.  I have internalized the understanding that it is critical that you think what it is you want.  Not what you want to rid yourself of, but of what you desire.  Keep your thoughts on what you desire as much as possible.  It draws to you the facts and circumstances of life that you would like to have.  You are what you think.  You get what you think.

081216_1843_July20167.jpgI also wear tiger’s eye on my right index finger.  Tiger’s eye brings the power of luck to the finger that carries the energy of “make it happen.”  This is a physical act of intention setting and follow through.  It is me donning the magician’s robes:


I received vulture medicine in the most breathtaking way.  A vulture stood and walked circles at the crossroads in front of my house.  There was no carcass there.  Nothing.  We were alone for a long time until my mother came out.  She saw the bird too.  It had the feel of the supernatural.  There was no reason for the bird to be there but for me to see it.

I saw.

Sometime in recent days, I picked up a beautiful and perfect large black feather.  Today I picked up a little one.


Vulture stands for purification, death and rebirth.  From the feather fully grown to the new one.  I have made a transition.  The universe is saying:  be aware.

Here is how dragonfly sign came:  one hovered in front of my windshield recently, then dragonfly sheets at Geri’s.  Then Geri remembered she’d recently bought a vintage dragonfly bag she’d happened across, and a woman near us at the restaurant wore a perfect and beautiful dragonfly necklace.  This is the way the universe tells you what type of energy is working at the moment in your life.

Here is what dragonfly means:

The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

Those who have the dragonfly as a spirit animal may be encouraged to show their true colors more often and shine. Even if they may be more discreet than let’s say the peacock, they often exert a fascinating influence and arouse curiosity in others.

(from www.dragonfly-site.com and www.spiritanimal.info)

Geri said I got dragonfly because that was exactly what happened:  an act of self-realization, a maturing, a stepping forward.  We went to see Everclear together, and after the show, I gave my CD of 9 rough mixes to Art Alexakis and asked him to listen.  He said he would.  In the card with it, I asked him to consider me, wearing his A&R (talent scout) hat.

Geri said to me, “You’ve got big brass ones.”

Yes, I do.

It is a miraculous time of transformation for me, because I have come to believe this music I have made is good enough to fit the bill.

I believe I am good enough.  That doesn’t mean I’m not scared.  I’m scared.  I don’t know what I’m doing.  But I know what I have to do, scared or not.  I have a job to get done.  And I will.

I received buffalo sign there at the festival where Everclear played.  There was a vendor selling soapstone animal totem figurines.  There were 4 buffalo in the bin and 3 rams.  I chose 1 buffalo and 1 ram.

Buffalo is the lesson of path of least resistance and for me personally, it also is the lesson of paying attention to the symbols the universe sends.

The ram is me.  Aries.  Keep going, keep climbing, no matter what.

And I’m a llama too (www.primalastrology.com).  Slow and steady, this is the way of the trek.

And then, too, as I saw the night of this festival, there are fireworks to remind you of the times when movement is brilliant and sensational and so very fast.  But on the other side of the sparkling fire and all of its colors, where it has settled again into night, it is back to llama energy:  slow, steady, measured, forward, bit by bit, one destination after another, reached, released, there for fond memory when your mind drifts off the present of the path in which you are now moving forward.

I am feeling very much in communication with the divine.  It is very frequent that I interact with my earth space and feel as though heaven speaks to me.  And there are times when I feel heaven within me.  As though I am in touch with some other place.  I wonder if the crystals somehow helped me get myself open to it?  Or maybe it’s just my habit of always thinking of what is the truth?  And my knowing deep down inside that the truth is that everything is made of heaven.

I feel a significance of a change within me.  How will the brush paint the next frame?  Here’s part of what the cards say:

Confirmation awaits you, within this next year.  There will be many signs to inform and assure you as the myriad pieces you have assembled fall into place.  Once imprinted with this picture, your spiritual foundation is secure.  From here on life will be both easier and more difficult.  Easier, because you will be with understanding and learn your lessons at the higher levels where there is little or no pain and negativity.  More difficult, because you will be a brighter light drawing more responsibility since you are equipped to handle it.

(From one of my favorite tarot websites:  crystal-reflections.com)

And for now, I call upon balance:  I really want to visit with my mom and play my guitar.


Happy anniversary to me!  This is the 8 year anniversary of my awakening.  Life has never been the same.  It is so much better.  So much more interesting.  Every day, even days that are really hard, are full of adventure because I know the real world is the one that is unseen and it sends me clues about real reality all the time.  I stay busy deciphering the signs and symbols that cross my path, especially those that come in my dreams and visions.


To be presently happy, think a happy thought.  Right now.

Happy in present


Did you do it?

Now think about what you were thinking about and what you are thinking about.  Look hard.

Where did your thoughts go?  If they lolled around like kids in innertubes on slow water, did you like it?  Did you actually choose them or did they flow?  What was their flow?  Find the good flow that makes you feel good.  If you choose to think of a person, place, thing, or thing to do that brings you joy, that brings good feeling, you anchor a vibration of good feeling here in this garden we call Earth.  You are a flower in this sonic garden, our vibrational essence, our quivering  that draws us along that cord that ties us to source and makes us want to return to its bosom, its womb.  I think when you see what we call shining (think now of what shining light looks like) that is us moving back and forth from darkness to source and back to darkness and back to source.  That is what light does to shine I think.  We are it.  That’s us we see when we look there at shining light up above.  What’s here is just a little part of us.

There’s also this other place I’ve been to.  I do so treasure the black place.  Extremely fascinating experience to go there.  A highlight for sure.

I had my first conscious awareness of this place after my partial hysterectomy.  It was the first night of my recovery.  This, you see, was the answer for the problem of the hemorrhaging that set in from the distress of the end of my marriage.  A surgical cure.

As I was coming out of anesthesia, dopey and free of my usual layer, mask, cloak of conditioning that inhibits me in a way I do not normally notice, I somehow broke free of my body and went to the black place.  It was perfect blackness.  And it felt great.  It was warm and I was completely alone.  There was not one nothing out there.  It was me, aware, aware that there was absolutely nothing else.  Alone.  In the darkness.  Warm. Laughing to be free of my body.  I was quite happy.  I knew I was free.

It had other mystical elements besides the experience itself.  Every 15 minutes on the dot, for 2 hours, I awoke, looked at the clock, noted the time, and noted that exactly 15 minutes had passed since the last time I looked.  8 awakenings.  A ha.  I wonder is that a clue in this game?

It is the oddest of times now.  Everyone I ask, including those of sometimes quite differing beliefs:  all feel it.  A shift is happening, an elevation.  It is much faster than the ones I’ve experienced before.  This is dizzyingly fast.  My sleep is half what it was just 2 months ago.  My output much higher.

What is this vortex we’ve made?  Are we at or approaching escape velocity?  To another dimension?  Is this what dimensional shift feels like?  It’s heavy duty.  I’m sure we’ll all be fine.  I do plan to try to get real sleep if I possibly can tonight.

My body feels a want for rest I think.  Yet here I am.  Writing.  It calls to me so.  I hear its call.  I answer.  Obedient I am.  I answered the door.  I issued an invitation.  At the soul level I think.


I got two new rings today and I love them.  They are beautiful.  A little silver adjustable arrow, very shiny, no crystal.  And a beautiful paired moonstone ring, also adjustable.  3 adjustable rings I have now.  (The moldavite is set in an adjustable vine, made of copper.  In the setting its ringmaker used, it looks like a sunflower, with an exquisite green center.)


Now, can I bear this much power?

I’ll pay attention to how I feel.

I wonder why I am drawn to this.  Tessa is the one who did it first in the house.  I liked it very much.  A ring on every finger.

I think all these rings are changing my attunement.  I am hearing new things.  Different pitches.  Ringing that comes and goes.

I love to see what crystals are drawn onto my fingers.  How they feel.  When they are ready to go to someone else, they always make it happen.  The labradorite left by way of heaviness in its energy just being too much for me but perfect for my friend.  The double moonstone came for me so I can give the big cabochon moonstone I used to wear on that finger (until today) to my friend who is recovering from brain surgery.  She will benefit from it.  She’s the one I gave the labradorite to too.  She gave me the sweet gold-set tiger’s eye for my power finger.  It is the stone of good luck.

So, that is why the new ring came to me.  The big moonstone wishes to help my friend now.


I went to a Kuan Yin mantra chanting and meditation tonight.  It was crazy awesome.  I loved it.  Wow.  It felt so good.  My whole left side tingled like nutty crazy.  I think I needed my channel opened up.  My feelings were quite solid in a strong desire to go so I overcame all my objections and wishy washiness and went.  First time with Kuan Yin.  I wonder if that is who came to my videoing of Medusa’s Tangle on my 8th awakening anniversary episode.  There was a new, very significant, profound feeling presence, an energy that had the feel of mightiness in it, in the room on my left.  On the right was Jesus.  But who was that powerful feeling being on the left?  I have not before encountered this presence.  It felt big.  That was the first time I noticed it.  The mystery.  Who is this?

Her?  Kuan Yin?  I thought it was God.  It felt so much different from the way Jesus feels.  Jesus is easy to be with.  This just left me feeling astounded.  Whoever it is, I certainly feel as though I understand its guidance, and I follow it even if I have discomfort.  There is no harm in it, and I understand it seeks to draw me into the light.  Move me forward.  I am doing the songwriting videos and actually the Medusa’s Tangle videos because that presence seems to contain a very strong urging for me to.  So, I put my resistance and many objections aside and just listen to what feels like the voice of God, just one that doesn’t use words.  It uses feeling and knowing instead of sentences and questions.  That’s what it feels like.


I thought of something interesting.  I retested my Myers Briggs for fun.  I have changed. Most of my life I have been an INFJ.  This is the personality type of the servant to humanity.  It is the smallest percentage of all the personality types:  about 1% or so of the population.

I recently tested as XNFX.  Which means balanced on the Introversion Extroversion scale and balanced on the Judging Perceiving scale.  The core remains the same:  NF.  Intuitive (rather than Subjective) Feeler (rather than Thinker).

I wonder if that’s because I actually have achieved a measure of balance?  Hmmm.  The reader at the  psychic faire said it was one of the things I came back to do.  It would be nice if I actually got it done.


I think I have figured out what the other powerful presence is.  I think it is the light of God.  I see the golden sun, the light of God in my mind’s eye.  I recognize that it is always there.  But only sometimes, like now, do I see it.

My first inclination when these weird things happen is to think I’m not good enough for Jesus or God to talk with me directly.  That I have to have a preacher or somebody with religious authority to bring them to me.  But, no, I understand now that I am God’s child.  God seeks me just as I seek God.

God seeks me

I did a card reading that helped me to understand.  It ended with the Page of Cups:

page cups

My new favorite tarot site (crystal-reflections.com) says this:

The development of wonderful ideas and psychic abilities through meditation and study, developed in a peaceful way.  An important message will be arriving soon – be ready to start a new project.  Continually express your feelings – purify yourself emotionally.  You get rid of unwanted feelings by expressing them.  “Feel” the ecstatic renewal of your heart and spirit by revealing your deepest emotions

Okay.  More confirmation of the vulture medicine I received and the reading I discussed in last month’s blog:  the reading that said I must journal to heal.  Purification (the sign of the vulture) requires that I express my unwanted feelings.  I guess what I’m putting together here is that I have to feel my hate and judgment and then express them to release them.  I can’t just pretend they’re not there or hide from them.  I find that I shun the emotion of hate and the action of judgment because they don’t feel like light, but until I acknowledge them they will block the light.  If they’re there, they’re there, and I can’t just wish them away or deny them.

So, I am at last breaking my silence and expressing the hate I feel for the one who dished Tessa and me PTSD.  Forgiveness is somewhere further down this path, I am sure.  But first, I must acknowledge and thank hate.


I had a first today in animal sign.  I heard the call of a heron.  I have seen heron sign many times since awakening, but today to hear it was a shock.  I didn’t know herons even had a call.

While there are many meanings for this sign, this is what I think it meant:

The heron is almost exclusively a solitary creature. It prefers seclusion and privacy, and even favors hunting alone rather than with a group or mate. The only time the heron breaks its vow of sequester is during mating season. If the heron is your totem or guide, you can completely relate to this. Heron people prefer complete isolation…but are equally at ease in a crowd of peers.

As a guide, the meaning of the heron reminds us that solitude can be a healthy practice. It’s okay to be alone. Conversely, the heron encourages us to recognize the times in our lives when it is imperative to be among other people – particularly people who love and support us. The heron carries a message that says we cannot always do everything by ourselves. There are times in everybody’s life in which, to quote the Beatles, we gotta “get by with a little help from our friends.”

From http://www.whats-your-sign.com.

I have to have help to produce music.  I am grateful for those who help me get the inspirations I receive to finished product.


When I am feeling fearful for my child, afraid about my child’s future, wanting so much for them the happiness of meeting the world each day as an inspired creator, weaving whatever beautiful art they may bring into being, when I am afraid of waste, addiction, want, ruin, when I am irritated at being ignored and called ridiculously rude names (I am surrounded by teenagers), as soon as I possibly can, I try to remember to choose the words I prefer:

  • My child’s life is filled with wonder.
  • My child is a maker of so much beauty.  (And I let my thoughts drift to the beautiful things my children make:  comfort, when one rests her cheek on my shoulder; relief when another survives a car wreck and treats all parties involved with respect and calmness of bearing; amazement at the sheer beautiful flow of string music from another who plays guitar, and so much more.  I could go on and on.  Beautiful feeling after beautiful feeling emerges in the flow of my home.)
  • My children are well fed, loved, looked after, supported in the pursuits they choose.
  • My children know they are loved.
  • I am lucky to live the joy of loved, wanted, well-cared for children.
  • This is the world as I wished it.  I have made it.  I made a blessed world.
  • Thank you, God, for giving me your love, so I could give them mine, which, is actually that which you gave me.  What comes from me, came from you.  I am open to receive you, and having received you, I now give.  A perfect flow.


(Copyright 2017 Joel Robertson)

The cup ever gives because the cup is ever filled.

It is these thoughts I choose to fill my soul with.  These thoughts nourish me.

I invest


Major discovery:  I think the performances we love best are those imbued with feeling.  Those invested with feeling.  Those in which the art is the vehicle for the feeling.  I think this is another of those obvious things hidden in plain view from me.  I guess most people already know this.

It’s not about the smart phrase, the cute effects for the guitars or whatever, it’s the feeling.  This is why I love Public Enemy and keep them in rotation.  There is nothing like beat for making feeling.  The shaman’s drum has taught me that for sure.

The shaman’s drum took me to an entirely new kind of experience recently.  It seemed as though I performed a soul retrieval.  As always in a journey, the shaman induced the brain wave patterns of the subconscious and then led me to the entrance of the lower world.  There in the darkness was a woman I did not know.  She was crying and afraid.  My floating spirit led her floating spirit down the passage beneath the giant tree where the gateway from this realm to that world opened.  I brought her out to the light of the shore at the ocean where I always go when I emerge from the lower world and go adventuring in some place somewhere that is not here.

I took her to her mother.

Then I met the man who I believe will be coming to see me later this year.  The one predicted in all the readings I’ve had recently.  Quite interesting.

After the journey, I bought Iolite and K2.  I already had some sunstone that I think Philomena gave me.  It balances the energy of the Iolite.

I added them to the grid I sleep with under my pillow every night.

crystal grid pillow

From left to right top row:  green tourmaline in clear quartz, aqua aura quartz, chalcedony

Middle row:  chlorite, kyanite, angelite (above), sunstone (below), blue apatite (above), unakite (below), celestite (above), iolite (below), labradorite, smoky quartz


K-2 Pyramid

Clear quartz point

If any of these jump out at you as something you have an interest in, just Google the crystal name along with the term:  metaphysical properties.  For example, K-2 metaphysical properties.  You’ll get all kinds of interesting stuff.

I let my feelings between me and the rock guide my choice about what I do with it.  Keep it, sleep with it, bathe with it, drink water charged with its energy, put it on a shelf where it is not called into service at this point, or give it away.  There are many choices to be made with respect to the use of rock energy.  I feel quite drawn to it, more specifically, to understanding it.


Today is the new moon in Cancer.  I received inspiration on a new, souped-up way to do chakra activations.  You can see how to do it here:  https://youtu.be/mS7K41L2Nr8.


Recently went to a chakra activation and clearing event where I used Tibetan tektite and was wearing Moldavite.  I kept having visions of aliens.  I checked in with Jesus and asked him who they were.  He said Arcturians.  They kept turning into grasshoppers.

Here’s what the Google research turned up for grasshopper:

The Japanese cherished the song of the grasshopper (particularly the long-horned grasshopper), and believed the moon coaxed the music from them. As a Chinese symbol, the grass hopper offers attributes of longevity, happiness, good health, good luck, wealth, abundance, fertility and virtue.

The grasshopper is associated with astral travel. They have the ability to leap through time and into space where the true mysteries of life exist. People with this medicine have the wisdom necessary to overcome obstacles efficiently and are able to jump into successful ventures without preparation or planning. When the grasshopper appears to us we are being asked to take a leap of faith and jump forward into a specific area of life without fear. Usually that specific area is one that we have avoided and is often connected to change on a larger scale. This can represent a change in location, relationships, career or just in the way we perceive ourselves.

Grasshoppers can only jump forward….not backward, or sideways. So, when grasshopper shows up he could be reaffirming to you that you are taking the right steps to move forward in your current situation. Or it could be that he is telling you to go ahead and move forward, getting past what is hindering you. This is why grasshopper is the symbol of good luck all over the world. Grasshopper’s ability to connect and understand sound vibrations is why he is also a symbol of your inner voice. He could be telling you to trust yours.


Slept with new Azurite and Tibetanite and Larimar in addition to other 15 crystals.  Great increase in dream recall.  Edgar Cayce said:  if you want to know your future, look to your dreams.

Last night I dreamt a piece of gum fell from my mouth.  And that I was looking from a height upon  brown water with a dog swimming in it, as though I was peering down a shaft.  There were cats in my house (I am allergic to cats and have none in my real house) and a wall full of owl pictures.  Jesus was there too.  So was President Trump and my best friend from college, Mary, who died unexpectedly from an aneurysm a few years ago.  I was riding in a car, looking out of the windshield onto the highway, where you get onto 195 from 64W.  I think that spot is some kind of portal.  I experienced a dimension shift there once.

Here’s what I pulled in for my haul when I cast my net out in Google Sea:

To dream that you are chewing gum implies that you are having difficulties communicating your feelings and emotions. It may also represent a difficult issue that you are dealing with.

Gum – Gum is a symbol of futility and empty effort. If you dream of chewing gum, this indicates effort you are putting in with no results, and without the expectation of results. Because the mouth is such a powerful symbol of communication, your dream about chewing gum may show frustration in being unable to communicate, especially with one particular person in your life.

(Okay so the fact that it’s gone means communication is coming?)

A shaft is associated with advancement and progress of life. To see a shaft then announces your success. If the shaft is broken, it announces failures.  (The shaft in my dream was perfectly straight and the sun was shining.)  I think the water was brown because I am not being allowed to see but so much of what is coming.

Dog in the dream is usually associated with a male aspect or unconditional love; Also with obedience, loyalty and reliability.

Swimming dog means close luck.

To dream of dogs swimming, indicates for you an easy stretch to happiness and fortune.

Cats in dreams symbolize femininity, softness, an independent spirit, creativity, power, but also can symbolize misfortune, vulnerability, bad luck, deceit and falseness.

A dream of cats is a link to your feminine side and that this is a dream that is normally associated with females. Cats are normally represented as part of nature and this is demonstrative of some type of femininity or womanhood in your life whether you are male or female.

Cats are also very self-sufficient, so your dream may be connected to independence, womanly instincts, originality, and supremacy.

The dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life…

Natural life milestones and femininity.

Leadership opportunities or newfound independence.

A change in your social or romantic situation.

To see an owl in a dream symbolizes your expanded awareness or some magical virtue. The owl sees what is happening in the unconscious areas of your soul and thus it can bring you wisdom and insight about your hidden feelings and experience. The owl can arouse your conscious self into the process of self-awareness.

Dreams about owls are highly charged with elements of magic, insight and secrecy. Flying silently and kissed by moonlight, owls symbolize feminine power and the mysteries that hide in the darkness. Your dreams are influenced by these energies when owl shows up. Analyze your dreams about owl, but know that it might take time for owl to reveal the symbolism and meaning to you. Too much knowledge too quickly isn’t always a good thing.

Owls are solitary creatures and appearing high up in dreams reminds you that their gift is to see far and wide, taking in the full scope around you. To the Native Americans, Owls represent the keen observer, a wise holder of ancient knowledge and the wise counselor.

The appearance of an owl could mean you need to look at the big picture. Find your glasses, take a step back and look at things again.

To dream of a president represents an aspect of yourself that has authority, power, or total control over others. Power structure or management structure. Awareness of a hierarchy that must be respected before all else. The ability to make important or serious decisions. Authoritarian decision-making abilities. You or someone else that has to be taken seriously.

(I think this might be about who’s coming in.)  Maybe Mary was telling me.

So, I am wondering if this dream is telling me that either I am powerful or that the person all the psychics keep telling me is coming into my life this fall is a person of power?

Time will tell.


I also got Hedgehog sign by way of a stuffed animal left on my floor.

The Google haul (from one of my favorites:  Avia Venefica’s http://www.whats-your-sign.com site):

Being a nocturnal creature, the symbolism of the hedgehog deals with intuition, psychic ability, prophetic dreams and visions. This is because the night deals with concepts that are cloaked in shadow – a realm that is not altogether clear. That the hedgehog’s active time is at night is symbolic of “second sight.”

Another testimony to its spiritual power is the hedgehog’s natural resistence to snake venom. This is carries extreme importance with many native European tribes and is seen as a symbol of victory over evil. This attribute is also a portent of resurrection, life after death, or defeating death completely.

(Well, now, that reminds me:  I’ve seen two dead baby snakes in the last couple of weeks.)

Those with the hedgehog as their animal totem know how to take care of themselves and do so with grace and style. We make this association by observing the hedgehog when it is threatened. It packs itself tightly in a neat little ball, exposing some lethal looking quills. Any predator who takes a bite of this prickly morsel will spit it right back out.

Same goes with those who honor the hedgehog as their totem – these people always land on their feet and go through challenges with the same calm, cool practicality as the hedgehog does.

The hedgehog is also symbolic of fertility and being connected to the earth. Its belly is close to the Mother (earth, that is) and this close proximity is symbolic of its connection to earth and all that is fertile. The hedgehog’s tendency to curl up in the fetal position is also a message of centering, and connecting with the source.


Now for the two dead baby snakes (they were both light blue):

Here’s Avia on dead animals (she is responding to an email inquiry):

Avia’s Response to

“Symbolic Meaning of Dead Animals”

Hi Jasmine,

Thanks for your kind words about my website! I adore positive feedback, and am very glad to hear the site serves as a value.

You’re right, I haven’t really addressed death in animal symbolism, and I should because it’s not the first time I’ve gotten the question. Your email prompts me to add a page about this important observation you’ve made.

I suppose I haven’t discussed death of totems or in animal symbolism because I’m not a believer of death. Well, sure – stuff dies – but this implies a cessation of life, and that’s a big fallacy.

When our animal friends ‘die’ it’s really just a transition to a different kind of life.

So…when I come upon animals in symbolic interpretations who have passed on from this physical plane, I interpret it as a sign of transition. An animal death reminds me of a Latin phrase I hold dear: “Omnia mutantur omni tempus” (all things are changing – a time for everything).

Animals are superiorly connected to the source of life…a super-conscious connection. With no ego-consciousness to interfere, I believe animals can willingly choose to flip the switch of transition between experiences. This observation (a ‘dead’ animal on my path) reminds me of the power of choice, and how purposefully conscious choices can be incredibly profound (sometimes with life-and-death implications).

Symbolic keywords I would assign to help interpret a symbolic ‘dead’ animal sighting would include:








Now for the snake sign:

The following story about snake sign is from kitchencures.wordpress.com:


Posted on June 22, 2013 by Kelly


Last year my friend and I were driving through Zululand, South Africa; it was a hot summer’s day and we were driving home when I caught a liquid black movement just up ahead on the side of the road.

A large Black Mamba was about to cross the road, and from it’s reaction, we both spotted each other at the same time, because as I slammed on the breaks the Mamba raised three quarters of it’s body up into the air and then flicked itself backwards –and then it was gone.

Despite growing up in the area, I had never seen a Black Mamba in the wild before! I looked at my friend and she giggled at me wide eyed– it was a first for her too.

We were so exhilarated on the drive home we couldn’t stop talking about it. It had been a mature snake, at least 6 ft, and the speed and strength it had displayed getting itself out of danger was incredible.

For those of you who don’t know, the Black Mamba is considered to be one of the most dangerous snakes in the world – not just for its deadly poison, but because it’s one of the only snakes that’s territorial, which means that it does not run away like other snakes but rather, often attacks and chases people and animals away from its nest. Legends and stories abound throughout South Africa detailing the frightening experience of being chased down by a Black Mamba.

As soon as I got home I told my husband all about the snake. He listened to my story and then he became thoughtful. My husband has more than just a bit of the Shaman in him and the first thing he said was, “What’s the message?” At first I didn’t understand, but he clarified, “What message is the snake trying to convey to you?”  I didn’t know.

A week later I had a dream that I was being chased by a big black snake. It eventually bit me in my Achilles heel and I remember feeling horrified for a moment that I would die and then feeling very calm as I decided that I would be fine. I woke up shortly after this but the feeling and the dream lingered with me all day.

I eventually spoke to my husband about it and he said the same thing as before, “What’s the message?”  Again, I didn’t know but this time I really was curious and so I Googled it.

Snakes, it seems, are deeply symbolic animals in the spiritual realms. They represent change and healing and the shedding of the skin equates to letting go of the old and damaged and allowing in the new. I liked this meaning – my life was very stuck at that point and change seemed like a nice idea.

However, it also symbolises transmuting poisons-  but this meaning didn’t excite me as much – especially since I’d been bitten in the dream and so I was suspicious that this part of the meaning was also true for me in some way.

My friend, who had seen the Black Mamba with me, phoned me the next morning to tell me that she had just seen another Black Mamba as she was walking to work. She sent me a photo – another big boy! That was two Black Mambas in two weeks – changes were coming for my friend too!

But as I looked into it and thought about it, I realised that the changes were going to be huge- a Black Mamba is a powerful symbol.

Within the month, both my friend and I had to suddenly move out of our respective homes. She moved to a whole different city, started a new job and basically had to start her life over from scratch.

Me and my little family had to leave our little home and move in with my mom as my husband’s company floundered and I wasn’t bringing in a real income to speak of.  A few weeks after we’d moved in, just as I was starting to settle in, I found out I had breast cancer.

I remembered the snake dream and the part about transmuting poison and I told myself to calm down. This then, I believed, was what the message had been about: a warning that I had to change myself, my choices and habits, not just my environment or I was going to die.

After six months of intense life-style changes with the help of Cannabis oil, the cancer was healed – I successfully transmuted the ‘poison’ and I am stronger and healthier for it. I also shed 20 kg’s of toxic fat; changed how I ate and started a life-long love affair with yoga.

For me, the Black Mamba represents the forced shedding of habits and beliefs I had been too lazy or too stubborn to let go of before. It was a polite ‘head’s up’ before the wave of change crashed over me and swept me off on its life-changing tide.

So, I guess the symbolic message of the Black Mamba is that important changes are coming but like the Mamba, we are capable of rising to meet these challenges if we are willing to shed habits and behaviors that no longer serve us.


From http://www.whatismyspiritanimal.com

Snake Meaning & Symbolism

If Snake begins appearing in your life, its natural to wonder about this Spirit Guide’s meaning and symbolism. The strongest energy in Snake medicine is fertility and transformation. You may find your whole way of looking and living changes dramatically.

Those hoping to conceive children would do well to embrace their sexuality in a healthy, nurturing way with Snake Medicine as an ally. Enjoy your body and the sacredness of your passion.

Snakes shed their skin in nature in order to grow. As such, the Snake Totem embodies the entirety of our life’s cycle from birth to death and every meaningful moment in between. Pay attention throughout this process. Something may end, but something new begins afterward that’s better. Snake guides you through the processes gracefully.

Those people born with a Snake Totem are in a constant state of shifting. This mutable trait comes in handy when life throws a pot hole in the way. Snake people feel things very deeply and tend to keep one foot on the ground no matter what. The Snake Totem is also very charismatic and quite the sweet talker.

Use the symbolism and meaning of Snake as a Power animal when you need awareness. Snake will warn you of trouble, and become an ally when you are trying to develop your psychic aptitudes. When walking with snake be ready for change to come at you head-on. Don’t be frightened. Stand strong and know that after the storm there is something wonderful on the other side just waiting for you get shake off your old skin. Note too that Snake Medicine is very powerful for Light Workers who practice healing arts. It is for this reason that Snake became part of the Caduceus, representing renewal.


If you see small snakes, then this is directly associated to joy in the future.

If you see a baby snake in your dream, then this is a direct indication of your child light.

Snake is a symbol of life, change and longevity.

It is not unusual for folks to seek out Snake symbolism and meaning when you need to heal or transform your life in some manner that improves the overall quality of living.

Think of Greek tales of Aesclepius, the God of medicine. His power tool is a staff with two Snakes entwined (the Caduceus). If you’re working on becoming a Light Healer (for people, animals or the earth) this is an excellent symbol to embrace for honoring Snake.

(Oh and I saw two of them and they were blue:  I think often they are blue in that symbol.  Maybe it’s telling me I am becoming and light and crystal healer?)

Snake speaks heavily of old, outmoded ways of thinking and living that will hold you back until you’re ready for release. Once you do, the Snake’s metamorphosis process can begin within and without. The only caution is that the way in which you use your time and energy matters in this journey. Apply yourself to noble aspirations that provide balance and substance, and raise vibrational frequencies in your aura.

Snake Spirit is also a guide for Spiritual renewal. If you’re thinking of taking a new path but hesitate, Snake supports your efforts. Snake may also warn of moving too fast into something that may not be right for you. Move slowly. In nature, the Snake’s tongue is one of the most developed sensory organs. It gathers a great deal of information quickly so Snake stays out of harm’s way. Let that refined sensibility direct you toward the best choice.


Okay so I think I am becoming a light and crystal healer and this is a new beginning for me.  That would be my guess of what the universe wants me to understand about my journey. The two baby snakes were for the Caduceus and for new beginnings.  Transformation.


I love reading signs.  I love tracking fate.  I love standing outside of the field of vision and finding the clues and magic about what the unseen energy that moves us along is doing.  Watching it unfold, knowing I am watching it unfold.  Is this what divine detachment is?


A miracle!  Compassion!  At last.  At long last.  I have no idea what vibration or connection was in play but in listening to a song called Santa Ana Wind, from an album called Invisible Stars, I had a flash of insight about one I call the bringer of horror.  The insight was this:  he is lost from his light.  He is lost, wandering with no direction from the truth of his soul.  It’s as though he’s wandered very far from his own true light.  He is divorced from himself.  I wonder why that song sparked that understanding?  He is not in his truth.  His truth is pure.  That is true for all of us.  He got to earth, got in body, experienced the veil of forgetting, and it’s as though any connection to his soul was totally lost.  I am sorry for him.  His higher self is on the other side watching him wreck over and over again.


When I awoke this morning I recalled dreaming of placing a round platter filled with food onto a round table also full of food.  The dream dictionaries tell me this is a dream about wholeness and abundance.  I also recently had a similar dream.  I was eating a sphere made of rice krispies and inside of it was another sphere made of rice krispies.  Spheres represent one’s spirituality and rice symbolizes success, prosperity, luck, fertility and warm friendships.

Well, that’s a very nice way to finish the month.  Wholeness and abundance.


Uhhh.  I spoke too soon.  I worked on the bass lines for Hemorrhaging for the next installment of the songwriting series after writing the above closing for this month’s post, which now seems to have been premature.

My goodness.  In doing this video, I scratched a scab off.  The wound is unhealed and bled copiously this evening:  a ha!  Hemorrhaging!  Isn’t everything all choreographed so perfectly, right down to the song title?  The universe is amazing.  Let’s get out the new glasses that will let us see how to heal this old wound.  Here’s what I put in my journal, with the intention of adding it to the blog:

Okay, so the divine has urged me to do this songwriting video project and it seems so weird to me and boring and pointless, then I come to a moment like the one I’m having now and I realize that this path is helping me to release old, deep festering poison from my subconscious.  It has released shadow to the light.  This is a very good thing that is happening and it is happening because of my self-consciousness about my looks in the songwriting videos.  Here is what is going on with me around this project:

OMG.  I am having a nuclear meltdown.  I am so over it.  I am so over thinking I am ugly because I’m not perfect.  I am sooooooo tired of it.  Why was I raised with this big steaming pile of crap?

Because I was.  And so were you.

Everybody has bought into this bullshit that there is a perfect picture.

Guess what?  The whole picture is perfect.  Every piece of it.  We’ve been conditioned into the false belief that only part of the picture is perfect.

To conquer this conditioning and make my own world, the way I like it and want it, I must bring love to my view of myself.  I must do this for myself if I am ever to do so for others.

But how can I?  When I have not-a-catalog-model looks?  I do not have, oh no, seriously, I do not have rock hard abs.

To hell with hard abs. That’s really enough right there.  Sure there’s more, but screw it.   I am sick and tired of rock hard abs as some kind of societal standard that matters.  I do not give a damn.  I am so over it.

Take away the picture of perfection, which of course is made up of whatever seems the hardest to achieve depending on the times.  Oh, society, please do make sure its (perfection’s) foundation is formed from an attitude of deprivation and judgment.  This is what our beauty standards are.  Stingy and judgmental.

That’s what the whole concept of the brass ring is based on.  Competition.  Competition, rather than the truth that lies behind the veil and is in fact real reality.  This is in fact the reality of how it all works:


The universe functions on care, not competition.

Here is how I plan to lead.

I choose to look at every part of myself with love.  To show how to care about and for myself.  Then maybe others will do the same for themselves.  I believe it is the first step on the path to all inclusive love.  If I can achieve this in myself, then concern for catalogs and billboards will evaporate.  That world will not exist for me.

This does not come at all naturally, so it’s going to take effort for some time to catch myself in the act of disliking some part of me because it strays from a mold someone else made (I do not know who this was, but at this point does blame really help anything?).  I set my intent to be aware of my self-judgments and to replace them every time with an attitude and words (spoken out loud if possible) of true appreciation and respect and love.  I love every part of myself.  I love my whole self.

Had these been the words that I heard every day growing up, had this been the message that underlies all the ads, all the selling done to me, I would float in peace and grace through my lovely days of making lovely things to share with others.  I would be free to focus my time on that which brings me joy because my thought would not be occupied with judgment, blame and shame.  We have been raised up and have raised ourselves up in these.

So, I will remodel my subconscious, the elephant that drives this machine called me.  My conscious mind has achieved enough clarity (thank God) to see this need.  So, I will seed my subconscious with nourishing thoughts that replace the old stingy, mean conditioning, with conditioning that brings me love, self-acceptance, joy and true gratitude for everything and all things.

Okay, so let’s wish me luck.  This is a noble journey!  Yes!

So, for the peace meditation I am crafting with my hypnotherapist, I will add the following affirmations:

  • I look at every part of myself with love.
  • I look at my whole self with love.
  • I look at the world around me with love in my heart.
  • I feel love and gratitude for myself and for the gifts I have received and share.

I think those will be beautiful seeds to plant in the garden of my subconscious.  What an uplifting, intoxicating blossom will bloom there.  There’s more:

  • A gift I give the world is being of good cheer.
  • I am cheerful.
  • I feel hope.
  • I feel grateful.
  • From the deepest part of myself, I say thank you.
  • I feel excited for the adventure of this new way.
  • A life filled with self-love and love for others shows me ways of being and living I have not before known.  The moments that come to me are new and filled with wonder.  My world is changing.  It is magic here.   I am always in a state of discovery.


Okay, I think I’m actually done now for this month’s post.  (And, sorry about all the cussing:  sometimes I get soooooo mad!)




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